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Mainwin Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void handle_mesg (ITC_mesg *)
void handle_term (void)
void handle_trig (void)
 Mainwin (X_window *parent, ITC_ctrl *audio, const char *name)
bool running (void) const

Private Member Functions

void calc_fscales (void)
void del_plotmap (void)
void expose (XExposeEvent *)
virtual void handle_callb (int, X_window *, _XEvent *)
virtual void handle_event (XEvent *xe)
void init_analyser (void)
void message (XClientMessageEvent *)
void new_plotmap (void)
void plot_ascale (void)
void plot_data (void)
void plot_fscale (void)
void plot_grid (void)
void plot_trace (unsigned long color, float *tr1, float *tr2, float gain)
void redraw (void)
void resize (XConfigureEvent *)
void set_memory (Trace *d, Trace *s, float gain)
void set_resol (void)
void set_speed (void)
void set_wfact (void)
void show_about (void)
void update (void)
double warp_freq (double w, double f)

Private Attributes

ITC_ctrl * _audio
float _bwcorr [FFT_MAX+1]
X_window * _bwin1
X_window * _bwin2
Analyser_chan [2]
float _fmarks [31]
int _fmode
float _fsamp
float _fscale [FFT_MAX+1]
float _gain [2]
GUI_analys _gui_analys
GUI_display _gui_display
GUI_input _gui_input [2]
GUI_memory _gui_memory [2]
GUI_traces _gui_traces
float _ind0
float _inds
int _ipsize
int _ipstep
GC _plotgc
Pixmap _plotmap
X_window * _plotwin
int _range
int _state
float _warps [3]
float _wfact
Atom _xatom
int _xs
int _xstep
int _ys
int _ytick

Static Private Attributes

static const char * _f440str [31]
static const char * _flogstr [31]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file mainwin.h.

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